Set Up New Phone with Microsoft Authenticator App

Set Up New Phone with Microsoft Authenticator App


How to re-setup the Microsoft Authentication App on a new phone.


  1. Download the Microsoft Authenticator App onto your phone
  2. Login to Your Microsoft Business Account at 
  3. Click on your Face or Initials in the upper right, and click on "My Account"

  4. Click on "Security and Privacy" on the left-hand side and on "Additional Security Verification"
    1. If you don't see that option, click "Office Apps" to get the right Menu

  5. Re-Enter Login Information if Prompted
  6. Click on the Link: Update your Phone Numbers used for Account Security:

  7. Click on "Set up Authenticator App" and follow prompts to setup a new phone.

    1. Detailed instructions for this part are here:

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