Update Dell Computer Using Support Assist

Update Dell Computer Using Support Assist


This article is about how to update drivers and software that are specific to a dell computer. 


  1. Open Support Assist
    1. Windows Key
    2. Type SupportAssist
    3. Open Application

  2. If Support Assist Isn't Installed, you can get it here:
    1. https://www.dell.com/support/contents/us/en/04/article/product-support/self-support-knowledgebase/software-and-downloads/supportassist 

  3. Once SupportAssist is Open, click on the down chevron to get to updates

  4. Click "Update Now" under drivers and downloads

  5. Click "Install"

  6. Allow Updates to Run (This could take quite some time) and go do other things
  7. Restart the PC if required

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