Sync Microsoft Teams/ SharePoint Files to Your Computer

Sync Microsoft Teams/ SharePoint Files to Your Computer


This guide explains how to sync Microsoft Teams/ SharePoint files to your computer. Once you start syncing these files, you can work from the folders on your computer and any files you create or modify will automatically sync to Microsoft's cloud (i.e. OneDrive for Business/ SharePoint/ Microsoft Teams).

Note: Files added to your personal OneDrive folder on your computer will only be accessible to you. Files added to the folders that this guide explains how to set up will be available to other team members in your organization.

You can also check out these videos on how to sync Microsoft Teams/ SharePoint files to your computer:
  1. Sync Microsoft Teams/ SharePoint Files to Your Computer
  2. Move Your Local Files to SharePoint


Set Up OneDrive

Select the OneDrive icon from your taskbar.
OneDrive SyncClient with blue cloud and white cloud icons

Select More > Settings.
Screenshot of getting to OneDrive Settings

Add your account.
OneDrive add account dialog

Sync Teams/ SharePoint Files

Open the Team you would like to sync to your desktop within Microsoft Teams, either through the app, or the web version at Then click on "Files." It will automatically open one folder down into General, but to sync everything you want to click on "Documents" to navigate to the root folder. Then click on "Sync." If you are using the web version and your browser requests permission to use "Microsoft OneDrive," confirm that it's okay.

Select all folders to sync if given the option.
Screenshot of dialog box allowing configuration of which folders to sync.

The files will sync to a folder on your PC that has the name of your organization. This folder is automatically added to the left pane in File Explorer.
Screenshot showing sync folders for OneDrive and sites.

Now you can work on and add files to these folders. The files will automatically sync to Microsoft's cloud for other team members to access.
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