Join an Organization as a Guest User

Join an Organization as a Guest User


This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to join an organization's Microsoft tenant as a guest user. An administrator from the organization will need to invite you by email.


Accept Email Invitation

An email should arrive in your mailbox that invites you to the organization. Click the "Get Started" link.

Set Up Your Guest Account

If you don't have a Microsoft account set up, then walk through the prompts to create it. Microsoft will only ask you to create an account if your email is not registered with another tenant.

Review and accept permissions. This allows the organization that invited you as a guest to share files, Teams, etc. with you.

You may be asked to provide additional information. Microsoft may also ask you to set up MFA. If so, you can use either the Microsoft Authenticator app or choose a different method (e.g. mobile phone).

Open File Share Invitations

If you've been invited to view or share files, you'll need a link from the person who invited you. If you don't already have it, then ask them to send you the link.

Open Microsoft Teams Invitations

Alternatively, you may have been invited to join a Microsoft Team to collaborate, share files, etc. From your Dashboard, click on "Groups" to see your list of Team Invites. If a team shows up, then you've been invited to a Microsoft Team to collaborate. Click on it to open up the Team. If a team doesn't show up, then you've instead been invited to a file share (see "Open File Share Invitations" above).

Click on the Team to show its available links.

Click on "Teams" to open the Team up in Microsoft Teams. This is a platform you can use to communicate, share files, etc.

Once the Microsoft Teams app opens, you can message other team members (from the "Posts" tab), share files (from the "Files" tab), etc.

How to Log Back In

In case you forget, here's a link to log back in again to the organization: Log Back In Here

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