Determine When to Outsource or Hire In-House IT Support

Determine When to Outsource or Hire In-House IT Support


What's better for your business: Managed IT Services or hiring a Network Administrator? This article explores the costs vs. benefits of hiring an in-house Network Administrator or outsourcing the work. At some point it may make sense for your company to augment your IT with partial or total in-house support. This article helps provide a reference for when it makes sense to go in-house or outsource.

When to Outsource, When to Hire In-House

Pros and Cons of In-House IT


  1. Lots of control as an employee of the company
  2. Constantly available to whatever your expectations
  3. Singularly focused on the company
  4. Usually after-hours work is assumed and included


  1. Hard to evaluate the quality of work
  2. Often get's tunnel vision in single environment
  3. Have to deal with personality quirks in the office
  4. Usually has "loose" systems
  5. Lots of additional costs as employee of the company (PTO, Taxes)
  6. Usually low-quality life-work balance for employee
  7. Extremely difficult to replace or fire
  8. Usually lots of things not written down
  9. No redundancy if the employee is sick or on vacation.

Pros and Cons of Outsourced IT


  1. Lots of brain power/ expertise from a single source
  2. Diverse IT experience to implement best-practices
  3. Easy to scale with business
  4. Easy to fire (if needed)
  5. Dedicated to staying current with IT trends and tools
  6. Strong systems in place to support the company
  7. Redundancy of support (Doesn't rest on one person)
  8. Costs scale as business grows


  1. Not very adaptable to organization
  2. Extra costs for after-hours work
  3. Serves other customers not just your company
  4. Requires an in-house liaison to help with strategic planning


Network Administrator

To hire the breadth and depth of experience New Fathom brings to the table, would at least require a network administrator level of expertise. These people also come with a cost and they aren't cheap.
$7,000 per month

According to a Network Administrator's base annual salary is approximately $60,000. However, the cost to the company will be at least 1.4 times this amount. This equates to roughly $84,000 per year cost to the company (or $7,000 per month).

Managed IT Services

Give New Fathom a call to find out how Managed IT Service might help your business by dropping us a line here.

Managed IT services scale with the business so that costs vary depending upon what the business needs.

Final Takeaway

If you are currently using Managed IT Services and the support portion of those costs exceed $7,000, then it might be time to hire an in-house Network Administrator to either augment, partially replace or completely replace the outsourced IT support services. To find out if it makes sense to hire in-house or outsource, feel free to give us at New Fathom a call here.
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