Create Chrome Profile for Syncing Bookmarks, Passwords, Etc..

Create Chrome Profile for Syncing Bookmarks, Passwords, Etc..


This article shows how someone can create a Chrome Profile where they can sync all of their bookmarks, passwords, history, and more. This makes it easy to have everything you need on any computer. As long as your Chrome is in sync with your Profile, you can sign into that same Profile on any computer and have easy access to all your stuff.
Reference Article: How to Sync Google Chrome


Depending on the Chrome version you have, steps may be slightly different, but overall things should be similar enough that it won't matter. Refer to the reference article above for additional help. 

Create Chrome Profile and Sync Chrome

  1. Open Google Chrome
  2. Click on the Profile button in the top-right corner. 

  3. If you see a blue sign that says "Turn on Sync" or "Start Sync" then Skip to Step 7, if not, go to step 4.

  4. Then click "Add."
  5. Next give your Chrome Profile a name, a photo if you'd like, and a theme color. 

  6. Once your Profile has been created, click on the Profile button in the top-right corner again. 
  7. Next click "Turn on sync..."

  8. Now you can sign in to Chrome with a google account or create a new one. We recommend keeping separate work and home Chrome Profiles. 
  9. If you are creating a google account for work or want to use an email you already have with another email provider (Yahoo, MSN, Outlook, ProtonMail, etc..), then simply click "Use my current email address instead" in the account creation. 

  10. Once you have created an account and signed in, click the Profile button in the upper right again and verify that Sync is on. If not, just click "Turn on sync" again and follow any prompts. 

A good indicator that you are using your Chrome profile is being able to see the Profile Picture where Chrome is open. 
For example, in the taskbar (mine is just a lame J): 

This now means that any bookmarks, passwords, favorites, etc. you add to this Chrome profile are easily accessible on any computer if you login to the same Chrome/Google account and verify sync is on. 

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