Enroll Mac Computer Into JAMF

Enroll Mac Computer Into JAMF


This article describes the steps to enroll a Mac computer into JAMF mobile device management (MDM) through Open Enrollment. 


  1. Open Safari (Note: This only works in Safari, other browsers like Google Chrome will not work.)
  2. Go to your organization's Open Enrollment website page. A website link will be shared with you.
    1. Enter your Organization's Access Code. This will also be shared with you.
    2. Enter your name in the Full Name spot. This just tracks who enrolled the device.
    3. Click Start Enrollment

  3. Open System Preferences
    1. Open Profiles
      1. Mac os X profiles
    2. Click Install on the Organization Profile
    3. Click Install again from the prompt to confirm

  4. You're all set! Once this is complete your mac will be all set up with JAMF and any policies your organization has in place will automatically start to apply (e.g. application installs like Microsoft Office, wireless networks, etc.).

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