Add a Printer using an IP Address

Add a Printer using an IP Address


This article explains how to connect to a printer using an IPv4 address on a Windows 10 machine. You might use this method if automatic discovery does not find the printer you are trying to add.


Find the IP Address

Go to the settings screen on the physical printer.

View the IPv4 information from within the network information/ settings section. Other printers may be set up differently and require you to print out a page with the network and IPv4 information on it.

Write down the IP address. This will be used to connect to the printer from your computer.

Add the Printer

Press the Windows start button and type in "add printer." An app called "Printers & Scanners" will be listed. 

Open it and click the plus button to search for available printers.

Once it runs for a little while, a link called "The printer that I want isn't listed."

Click this link, select "Add a printer using TCP/IP address or hostname," and then press next.

Enter the IP address you noted from the printer and press next (not displayed in the graphic below, unless your printer has that IP address). 

It will then try to contact the printer. If successful, you will be able to add it to the available printers on your computer and print to it.

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