Access a Shared Calendar in Outlook 365

Access a Shared Calendar in Outlook 365


This article describes how to access a shared calendar or room in Outlook. 

Outlook for Desktop (PC)

  1. Open Outlook Desktop and Navigate to your calendar
  2. Right Click on the calendar group you want to add the calendar to (My Calendar, Shared Calendar, etc)
  3. Click on "Add Calendar"
    1. If it's a room, select it from the room's list, if it's just a shared calendar, select address book or shared calendar

  4. Find the address of the calendar you're adding, or type the address in
  5. Click Okay

Outlook for Web

  1. Open browser and
  2. Open up your calendar
  3. Click the "Add Calendar Button

  4. Click "Add from directory" and type in the email address of the calendar you wish to add and click "add"

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